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Nonprofits: You Can Make the Difference You Want And Thrive

In fact... If you want to make a real difference now and in the future, you must move from surviving to thriving.

But Most Nonprofits Aren't Thriving

Although each nonprofit is different, the struggles that staff and board members have are very similar. In over 20 years working in and with nonprofits, I've seen common patterns. Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

You Can Find Solutions

No matter which situation you're in, I can help.

Judith Rothbaum Consulting is a dynamic, interactive educational business. Teaching, motivation and inspiration converge to address what's holding you back and freeing you for success.

When we partner, you will gain:

  • Clarity about what you really want to accomplish.
  • The confidence and skills to communicate the true value of what you offer.
  • A knowledgeable strategic partner to help you build on your core strengths and attract the leadership and support you need.
  • Opportunities for professional and personal growth.
  • A network of resources and support.

How To Get Started

3 Easy Steps

1. Get your free copy of The Learning Exchange News - a monthly guide for the time and resource constrained nonprofit. You'll get practical information, tips and tools you can use right now. Just complete the form to the left.

2. Take the e-course, "The 8 Keys To Raising More Money Even If You Hate Fundraising". It comes with your newsletter subscription.The exercises and resources will boost your confidence in your ability to raise more money and build the foundation for success.

3. Browse the services I offer to see how else I can help.

You create your future moment to moment. Don't let another moment go by.

If you're ready to Think Boldly about who you are and the difference you make in your community, call me at 405-641-9058 or email me with your questions or concerns.